The risk of recurrent stroke in the first few days after a minor stroke or TIA is about 8-10 percent. The first part of of the EXPRESS study in October 2007 reported that urgent assessment and immediate treatment at a specialist clinic reduces the risk of recurrent stroke within the first 90 days by 80 percent, compared with patients with a standard transfer deadline deals based clinic . This second paper aimed to compare the effects of phase 2 versus phase 1 regarding hospitalizations, costs and disability at 6 months dapoxetine fda .

The authors found that the phase 2 patients was a lower 90-day risk of fatal or disabling stroke – this in only 1 of 281 of phase 2 patients compared with 16 of 310 in phase 1 had. Hospital admissions in phase 2 were much lower than in phase 1 . Hospital bed days used due to stroke and other cardiovascular causes were also significantly lower in the phase 2 as phase one . This creates average savings of? 624 per patient based on the two phase clinic. – Conclude the authors: In Britain, the majority of patients with TIA or minor stroke are at weekly clinics after referral by a primary-care doctor manages This system results in approximately half of patients waiting more than 14 days evaluated and. Cared for, but during that time the risk of recurrent stroke is highest. By about 80 percent study showed that urgent assessment of TIA and minor stroke reduced combined with early initiation of preventive treatment, the risk of early recurrent stroke by about 80 percent. Analysis shows that analysis shows that in patients after the EXPRESS study clinic, there were also reductions in fatal or disabling recurrent stroke, 90-day hospital bed – day costs of hospitalization, and general disability levels following after 6 months ‘ – up.

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