Confirms the editorial that The Lancet has long been a supporter of the NICE , calls her method strict, science-driven and public accountability to draw. concludes concludes: Any new and effective treatment for such a debilitating condition of rheumatoid arthritis are greeted with enthusiasm, but nice the sharp end husbanding NHS , it, it has to balance evidence with cost And there is a dangerous conflict hair growth products more info . Between his dual clinical and political purpose. Occasions when occasions when exceptions to strict cost-benefit policies must be made for clinical reasons. To be abatacept is a strong candidate for such an exception. Worse, NICE decision may unwittingly act as a deterrent to industry new drugs new drugs in this neglected and poorly understood. Although NICE will say right cost-benefitan follow the letter of their cost-benefit law, patients and the public, with the excuse to feel that it the spirit of those same laws forget – must namely, that the cost-benefit evidence interpreted with compassion and impartial science be. .

NICE and new drugs for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, the Lancet – page 1477, Volume 371, Number 9623, May 2008 Click hereGenetic Link to Lung Cancer, nicotine addiction and Raised Cardiovascular Disease Riskhas identified a genetic variant that makes smokers more addicted to nicotine, are at increased risk for lung cancer and a higher risk of peripheral arterial disease. The study was supported by NIDA , part of the NIH .

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