Corporation Receives Corporation Receives U.S.S tadalafil . Has Food and Drug Administration k) granted marketing approval for its Dynaplasty annuloplasty band DR and Annuloplasty Ring DR. These are the first of innovative Dynaplasty MiCardia Technology Products clearance obtained. MiCardia MiCardia Chief Executive Officer commented, Paul Molloy said, This is an important regulatory milestone for MiCardia extensive technical validation of the company’s first generation annuloplasty system involved, it paves the way for the progression of this very unique and innovative Dynaplasty Technology and pairs with the DYANA DYANA phase I human study in Europe as we know MiCardia is the only company that intra-operative, percutaneous and completely non-invasive dynamically adjustable implantable devices for the $ 15 billion annual CHF market . Among the numerous currently emerging technologies for achieving Minimally Invasive Mitral Dynaplasty is the only technology able to to optimize mitral clinical outcomes intra-operatively, immediately post-operatively, and repeated at later intervals as a disease state continue. Such long-term mitral valve competency management is performed today through re-intervention, old old and advanced patients at high risk for complications and death with repetitive operation.

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