Cost effective for may not be cost-effective for adult women, says NEJM studyThe researchers concluded that it is not cost effective to vaccinate women in their 20s. Did did not calculate the cost of the vaccination, women ages 27 to 45, said lead author Jane Kim that Gardasil ‘is less cost – effective’as girls and women get older. Some political experts noted that adopt a single woman in her 20s could that HPV vaccination is worth the cost, even if it not as cost-effective for all women in their 20s (AP / Baltimore Sun.

The researchers were the cost of the vaccine, screenings and treatment of cervical cancer and other diseases , which are aligned by the vaccine in the analysis . ,, some researchers use a model that is a cure or vaccine cost-effective if it costs less than $ 50,000 won for each year of life says – known as quality-adjusted life years, or QALYs – while other researchers use a maximum of $ 100,000 per year.. For the study, the researchers used which the health consequences of women and girls 18,e Gardasil and Pap tests and other screening for cervical cancer receive predict.During the study, 53 percent of vitamin D 2 female and 62.9 percent placebo women had at least lintel. And found that vitamin D2 therapy to at least one having at least one lintel by 19 percent, themselves after adjusting for such variables as amount. – Researchers wrote to: ‘When were grouped together those who fell by season first fall or the number of falls have, of ergocalciferol treatment reduced risk for which first case the winter and spring but not summer and autumn , and reduce the risk a crash , but do not severe falls. ‘.