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) In light of a Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF demand sustainable demand sustainable HIV / AIDS funding, writes VOA News, ‘called Many AIDS groups and activists from U.S. ‘, Sharonann Lynch policy policy adviser for MSF, said: ‘PEPFAR has the opportunity to save six million lives and it should not have to settle for three.

Novavax in that a two-stage clinical trials of the virus-like – particle H1N1 influenza vaccine triggered in Mexico in cooperation by Avimex Laboratories and GE Healthcare. Avimex distributes biological and pharmaceutical products for the application in Mexico and for more than 25 other countries throughout the world. Avimex will to financial support to trial and is scheduled order to distribute the H1N1 VLP vaccine in Mexico the year 2010, when it is approved for commercial sale. In addition, Novavax also announced today that GE Healthcare ) was volunteered to supporting this program by providing its single-use bioprocessing technologies for vaccine production. GE Healthcare and Novavax order to develop December 2007, in order to develop innovative vaccine manufacturing solutions that GE Healthcare’s manufacturing technologies.