About the Journal of Urban Healththe Journal of Urban Health is a bimonthly peer-reviewed publication of The New York Academy of Medicine and focuses on the emerging areas of urban health and epidemiology Published since 1847, covering the magazine health. Problems such as drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, tuberculosis, and violence of clinical and policy perspectives, filling a neglected niche in the medical and health literature.

The authors suggest several achievable strategies for increasing immunization rates among HTR populations, including the distribution of vaccines in unconventional locations, such as needle – exchange programs and on street corners that are familiar locations to HTR people. The Academy CUES in 2004 developed Project VIVA, or Venue – Intensive Vaccines for Adults, a small quick vaccination approach. Project VIVA involved vaccinating people busy sidewalks in Harlem and go door-to-door in housing projects in the South Bronx. Bilingual outreach workers from the Academy working with licensed nurses gave the flu vaccine to over 1,000 homeless, homebound elderly, migrants, Minorities and drug addicts in a 10-day period during the 2005-06 influenza season..At the American Lung Association, we think in the fight for healthier air.. The main U.S. Appreciates SC JohnsonStatement Charles Connor President and CEO of the the American Lung Association:The American Lung Association recognizes SC Johnson for its decision and now fully disclose the ingredients his cleaning agent. This decision is an excellent step, about the ingredients about the ingredients of household products, a particular concern for persons with lung disease, and families with kids , whose growing pulmonary need extra special protection.We applaud the efforts of SC Johnson, reducing their emissions out of Corporate airborne pollutants in recent years. For wind energy, the competence of an major U.S. Production facilities and the enormous reduction since 2001 last their emissions by of a key raw the creates ozone , volatile organic compounds that.

Over that the American Lung Association.it now in his second century, the American Lung Association be is the leading organization that storing life through the improvement of pulmonary to health and preventing lung disease With a your generous support the the American Lung Association is Fighting for Air through research, education and advocacy. For another information about American Lung Association a Charity Navigator Contact Four Star Charity and holder of the the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving driver Seal and work.