Large histological grade and nodal involvement were associated with shorter survival significantly. In conclusion, the level of COX-2 expression will not seem to be a very important independent prognostic factor. Immunohistochemical assessment of COX-2 expression isn’t superior to the conventional prognostic factors such as grade, nodal and stage status.. COX-2 expression no adequate independent prognostic element: Research Cyclooxygenase-2 represents a key modulatory molecule in irritation and carcinogenesis. COX-2 may have multiple tumorigenic effects. Elevated expression of COX-2 has been observed in a number of tumors including pancreatic tumor. In the literature, the prognostic need for COX-2 expression including the role of antibody used for an assessment of COX-2 expression profile have been discussed.Emerging study indicates that the effects of diet on the mind, combined with the effects of exercise and an excellent night’s sleep, can strengthen synapses and offer additional cognitive benefits, he added. Folic acid is found in various food stuffs, including spinach, orange yeast and juice. Adequate levels of folic acid are essential for brain function, and folate deficiency can lead to neurological disorders such as for example melancholy and cognitive impairment. Folate supplementation, either alone or together with other B vitamins, has been shown to be effective in avoiding cognitive decline and dementia during aging and enhancing the consequences of antidepressants.