CEL-SCI to expand Multikine Phase III trial in head and neck cancer CEL-SCI Corporation is in the process of expanding its Stage III clinical trial of the investigational therapy Multikine to 4 additional European countries – Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. These four countries had been selected because they have not only the mandatory facilities and well qualified scientific and specialized personnel with the experience necessary for running this Phase III study, but also because they possess a high incidence of throat and head cancer. CEL-SCI’s partner, Teva Pharmaceuticals Sectors, who has the marketing privileges to Croatia has chosen 2-3 clinical centers in Croatia that have the capability and interest in conducting this study.You just be sure that your son or daughter’s healthy and content and well-fed. Still, the practice can be common in many elements of rural Africa and Asia where parents cannot afford diapers.. Britain paying mothers to breastfeed now ‘THE UNITED KINGDOM has one of the worst breastfeeding prices in the world and breastfeeding rates vary widely across different parts of the country,’ said Clare Relton of Sheffield University. She may be part of the remedy with a government pilot program giving 130 mothers purchasing vouchers of significant worth for breastfeeding their infants.