‘Despite current and up to date GOLD [Global Initiative for Persistent Obstructive Lung Disease] recommendations that recommend case-finding research for early diagnosis of COPD, the present study showed a screening program aimed at all smokers may also be a positive strategy if economic resources can be found,’ say Raul Sansores and colleagues. All participants were current or previous smokers with a cumulative recent consumption of at least 10 pack-years. A significantly better proportion of participants in the screening group were classified as having COPD based on the GOLD classification weighed against the symptom-based group . Dyspnea was the most common symptom in the two groups, occurring in 56 percent in the symptom-centered group and 55 percent in the screening group.Reagan worked with generosity and courage to improve public knowing of this terrible mind disease, and of the necessity for accelerated and increased research for effective treatments, preventions and a remedy. With the maturing of the baby boom generation, it really is projected that the country will witness a 70 percent increase in those affected by the condition by 2030, with 7.7 million afflicted. Past federal investment in Alzheimer study has been rewarded by phenomenal progress in research, but we remain much short of the $1 billion necessary to make certain these imminent breakthroughs will happen. Those who desire to make a donation to honor President Reagan may call 800.272.3900 or donate online.