Counter-terrorismal Counter-Terrorism efforts of international partnershipA collaborative partnership between Kent State University and the Jerusalem-based Institute of Terrorism Research and Response to advance knowledge and research opportunities expand in areas such as bio, emergency response and counter terrorism, and the first in-service training responders and others involved in the global anti-terrorism efforts .

In the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center model, combines the Kent State Center for Public Health Preparedness scientific, public health, economic and social groups on health and safety through education, research and development of the workforce to address the Kent State – ITRR partnership using the Biosafety Training Lab, a unique Kent State institution for teaching methods and protocols to work with and respond to attacks by harmful biological agents. – ‘We have, information please contact offer extensive preparedness training programs, ‘says Gregory Wilson, associate vice president for economic development and strategic partnerships. ‘The Biosafety Training Lab is one of only two places in the country where you can laboratory training laboratory training. ‘.

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The commemorative publication meeting on at the RCOG, 27 Sussex Place London, Regent’s Park, London, from 9:30 to 03 Friday, February.