Simple, Rapid Diagnostic Test Aids routine syphilis screening during pregnancyA simple and rapid test performed near the patient that does not need laboratory, electricity, or highly trained staff can effectively diagnose syphilis in pregnant women and has been in six low-and middle-income and prevents so many stillbirths and neonatal deaths after a report by international researchers in this week’s PLoS Medicine publishes adopted.

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health contracts Staart center was also funded in part by a Clinical and Translational Science Award from the National Center for Research Resources at the National Institutes of Health.. In an international project in 6 countries, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and conducted by Rosanna Peeling from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 90 percent policy makers in each country in the design of a prenatal syphilis screening project with point-of-care testing, to ensure that the screening program was in accordance with the local health system: syphilis point-of-care tests were antenatal care in rural Tanzania, Uganda and China introduced; rural and urban clinics in Peru and Zambia, and remote indigenous communities in Brazil.Employer Predict is Health Costs to rise to nearly 6 % next year.

Wall Street Journal reported that a Mercer survey will employers expect that their health care costs at an average of 5.9 percent next year after the displacement, a shared costs to the health plans employee. If they have been made not have money efficient amendments, each employee cost increase would by an average of 10.1 percent , of which 2.3 percent Beule the observance of certain provisions of of health care overhauls, to of the interview of 1,091 employer. A Kaiser Family Foundation survey released last week was staff paying 14 percent more for family coverage this year. The costs her plans reducing.