Even the newest targeted therapies, designed to only cancer cells attack cardiac toxicity cardiotoxicity, Yeh says. For example produce monoclonal antibodies such as Avastin, Erbitux and Rituxin a significant amount of hypertension and hypotension in patients. They want more general toxicity than many other agents seem to have, but the problems they produce usually involve changes in blood pressure, which can be easily treated if recognized is.

Is often is often treated as a chronic, manageable disease, it is crucial that this treatment does not substantially weaken a patient’s heart. ‘.. The study is based on 30 years of experience at MD Anderson Cancer Center as well as on the current body of research on the cardiotoxicity of various agents.The results are important because both patients and doctors may not be aware of the spectrum of heart problems cancer treatment cancer treatment, or may know that many of these problems can be managed, after treatment.s senior author, Edward TH Yeh, Professor and Chairman, Department of Cardiology.Look by courtesy of It may total Kaiser Daily Health Policy is Reports indicate, the archives , or to sign up for email service for Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report strongly in favor imperial network. A free service of of The Henry J. Releases. Kaiser Family foundatio 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All Rights Reserved part.

Overweight in excess with increased risk of metabolic syndrome.

####Others researchers belong to the study Timothy Naimi, Youlian Liao, Ruth Jiles and Ali Mokdad of the the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, in Atlanta, and Marcia Russell of the Pacific Institute on research and to in Berkeley, California – published, the article Patterns of Alcohol Consumption and the metabolic syndrome, at the October issue of JCEM a publication the Endocrine Society .