Dr. Fierer thinks that the next steps in the fight against this epidemic, educating HIV providers about the existence this global epidemic, educating patients at risk that unprotected sex among HIV-infected men a significant risk for HCV infection, and changing the official recommendations of the U.S. Authorities like the CDC, as has been done in Europe and recently at the state level in New York.

Threatening messages on progression of liver disease ‘This epidemic represents a new clinical syndrome for HCV infection that much of our knowledge on the head: infects a new risk group by a previously rare transmission that unprecedented progression of liver fibrosis,’said Daniel Fierer, principal investigator of this study.. Epidemic of sexually transmitted hepatitis C infection in HIV-infected Men In NYC – researchers report in New York her work uncovering a new epidemic of hepatitis C virus infection among men-who – have – with – men have , the HIV infection. These authors have previously expand unusually rapid fibrosis progress by new HCV in MSM HIV infection HIV infection and is now on their findings, demonstrating that sexual transmission is more of reported injection drug use as the route of the infection.Very similar to development of the brain When the brain is is developing, it must be themselves continually remodel, he says. In a certain sense appears to yet another example of cancer, when embryonic gene are upregulated have designed. As a result, brain tumor cells is is extremely agile and can be entering different part of the brain very quickly. .. It adding that ALK receptors and the protein binds to them, the growth factor pleiotrophin , both of which are also in other intractable cancers, receptor, which and pancreas tumor overexpressed. We found that PTN powers metastatic of these tumors which indicates in that antibody treatment can also useful in these cancer, says Wellstein.