Under the plans, state subsidies for the residents would not be able to afford the health insurance offer obtain. A third plan of care for all Colorado coalition would propose managed a single-payer health system from the state, and a develop proposed fourth plan of service Employees International Union national health insurance programs and a large health insurance purchasing pool (Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report.. From the state,Ribbon Commission Announces Fifth Health Insurance PlanThe Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform on Monday announced fifth health insurance for four more proposals to add that the committee previously selected, the Denver Post reports (Human, Denver Post, The Commission has the goal of three to five plans, recommend expand as the health insurance with little increase in cost.

The Commission in the coming months to select a final plan to the Diet in January 2008 suggest (Denver Post.. The latest plan submitted by the Commission would require all state residents to obtain health insurance or before a penalty tax. In addition, the plan would expand the state ‘s Medicaid program and would provide subsidies to help low-income residents purchase health insurance. The plan would require require some private health insurers in the state low-cost, provide limited coverage plans $ 50,000 in $ 50,000 in benefits. About 20 members of the Commission voted , but some approve the plan, but some members expressed concern about the cost and the impact on employer in the state.A peer by huge organizations in public health Workforce Report problem Lower Job Satisfaction.

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