Fruit flies have the ability to remember. The brain of these tiny animals store different information and associations and can time time. Compared to the human brain, which has about 100 billion cells, the brain of the fruit fly is much smaller. However, many of the basic in both species. In both species. Retrieve the simple structure of the fly brain, with its modest hundred thousand cells, the scientists decode processes in their creation: in other words, at the single cell level.

These cells were associated but not for the flies ‘ ability to smell and electrical stimulation or formed memory stabilization important. The results showed that this MB V2 cells in a memory ‘ read ‘ pathway are involved. Source: Stefanie Merker.. Neurons with read-out functionIn their experiments, the neurobiologists conditioned the fruit fly a particular odor with a mild electrical stimulation to associate.– Testimony, described above of the FDA Joint Meeting of the Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee and of Pediatric Advisory Committee on safety and efficacy over-the – counter coughs and refrigerant for pediatric use Marketed APHA President and Community The Apotheker Winnie the Landis role apothecary to play in the in support of consumer Management and improve their medications – including the selection, dosing and administration of OTC products. Pharmacists rely on with FDA, whether drugs, including the OTC brands, safely and effectively, however, the number of the products that make consumer has to be combined with confusing labeling can select to prevent accidental abuse of these product we conduct consumer encouraged.