– Get up-do-date Asthma Action Plan from the health care provider and forward copies to the school health office and / or childcare provider – Use more . Sure the child rescue medications has and holding chambers available at home and school / childcare Make sure rescue medication inhalers are not outdated or empty.

The decline can increase one by respiratory tract infections, increased pollen and outdoor mold caused. Children are back in school and have more contact with other children in interiors, possibly increasing their exposure to viral and bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, which asthma episode asthma episode. ‘Parents and guardians can prepare for this possible increase in asthma episodes scheduling a ‘ well-asthma visits with the child asthma providers,’said Harold Wimmer, CEO of the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest. ‘This visit should verify health care providers or develop an asthma action plan for the child. Evidence After Lung Association, should parents and guardians:.

On now, global Tuberculosis Day, in 1882 the American Lung Association of Maryland well Lord Baltimore and Baltimore County for their efforts in stop the spread of tuberculosis. In Baltimore County TB cases are dropped as the good, out of 31 cases in 2007 to 20 cases in 2008. – ‘Proper identification, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis are important for the health of patients and the public safety,’said Dana Lefko, Head of Mission service and Advocacy to American Lung Association in Maryland. ‘The techniques in in Baltimore City and Baltimore County to achieve results. This paper must be continued and to grow to Procedure for maintain Marylanders sure out of TB. ‘.