Hormones – Although it is unclear how breathing problems and bedwetting are connected, researchers say a number of explanations a number of explanations.Is the one that stimulates breathing problems pressure in the abdomen pressure in the abdomen, the urination.Another reason is that the breathing problems can lead to low blood oxygen levels, affect affect of the hormones of the hormones involved in urine production. Dudley Weider, the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover, New Hampshire, has more than 300 children. With bedwetting problems that followed an operation for airway obstruction.

If the roof of the mouth is particularly narrow, the tongue can be pushed back and partially block the airway during sleep.Children to a device like a staple to broaden broaden the palate. Airway obstruction Swedish study, seven out of 10 children who had not responded to any other treatment saw improvements after using the brace.Second, VEGF secretion of on cancer stem act directly for cancer stem, via a mechanism that neuropilin neuropilin 1 receptor Krebs cancer stem cell and the tumor again of renovation. Director and corresponding author by Blanpain C. Dric Wellbio, University of? Libre de Bruxelles.

anti-VEGF treatment are currently used to address cancer The new results have major implications for the prevent and treat several epithelial tumors of, like of new therapies blocking VEGF and / or Neuropilin 1 functions the treatment of cancer cell can be more effective to blocking the treatment of specific cancer compared to the therapeutic strategies VEGF function only endothelial cells.