ICDL is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the form of prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of emotional and developmental disorders in childhood through promoting dialogue and the integration of of disciplines knowledge. For more information.

The leading experts on autism spectrum disorders and the development of children, new advances in the identification, treatment, education, and family dynamics autism autism and related disorders, the Interdisciplinary Council on developmental and learning disorders 12th Annual Conference on November 7 to 9 in Tysons Corner, Virginia, outside Washington, DC.Cincinnati Children study might lead to new therapiesUsed CINCINNATI – researcher at Cincinnati Children Hospital Medical Center have the lack of piece of the jigsaw, how lung damage appears cystic fibrosis identified .

A new study by the analysis of economic impact of Clinical Antipsychotic Trial of Intervention Effectiveness come to the conclusion fact that the earlier antipsychotic medication perphenazine fewer expensive and neither was fewer efficient as newer medicines in the trial during the first treatment is used suggesting that elderly antipsychotic medicinal. A role in treatment of schizophrenia This study, that first in the American Journal of Psychiatry, December 2006 has published by the by the National Institute of Health National Institute of Mental Health ..