Michael A. Sandler, Immediate Past President, Michigan State Medical Society, accept.edicaid cuts recent years a marked increase in the number of doctors who are forced, the number of Medicaid patients can be cause reduce accept. ‘More cuts in Medicaid, it would more difficult for Michigan children, the elderly and people with disabilities a ‘.

Long-term care providers in Michigan said more Medicaid cuts will hurt the state growing population of elderly and disabled residents, the 24-hour require qualified health care, the government must take care of a key task for most frail citizens of Michigan Seventy % of the elderly and in in nursing facilities are Medicaid beneficiaries, said David LaLumia, President / CEO, Health Care Association of Michigan. These cuts are result in a loss of jobs, the result of our ability to take care at the level they deserve compromises.Patient Divide and Conquer strategy to Childhood brain tumorsMedulloblastoma is most frequent brain cancer during childhood, with 40 and 50 % of total mortality. One of the greatest challenges in the treatment is that they vary greatly from person to person. In the biggest genomic degree of human medulloblastomas to date, researchers Children’s Hospital Boston, together with colleagues subtypes subtypes with different molecular ‘fingerprint’are that physicians are to lead and to improve ability individualize treating identified.