In a study with human volunteers, revealedhe effects of Spirulina on oral cancer examined. The researchers found that 45 % of their 77 volunteers showed complete regression of leukoplakia, oral cancer, after taking spirulina supplements for one year.

It has also been shown to promote the elimination of dioxin.Spirulina promotes lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterolstudies with men in Japan and India showed that several grams of spirulina daily can reduce serum LDL and cholesterol ratio. Human studies in Germany and India found a weight reduction effect of Spirulina along with cholesterol levels normalize effects.. Spirulina has been found, kidney toxicity, reduce from heavy metals such as mercury, and pharmaceuticals.Rochester and reMYND constitute joint teams to advance which Programme toward clinical research. Skate be which input of in chemical, lead Optimisation and preclinical development activities offers, while continues reMYND conduct non – clinical pharmacology studies and to further clarify the the molecular mechanisms underlying. Rochester is responsible for all clinical development and global commercialization.. Cooperation will be to focus on two reMYND small molecule preclinical applications targeting synuclein? And tau related pathologies at appropriate model systems as well as possible back-up classes of.