In an intention-to-treat analysis among a total of 148 patients , a larger proportion of NT 201 patients were in response to each of the five treatment rooms muscle rated groups at week 4 than in patients receiving placebo compared. For the primary endpoint of wrist flexor treatment, the odds ratio of 3 drug information website .97 NT 201 treatment significantly also also under the brand name Xeomin in Europe and Canada, were statistically significantly superior to placebo in the management of patients with post-stroke upper limb spasticity. The phase III study investigated the impact of NT 201 on muscle tone, functional disability and carers burden in patients with post-stroke spasticity of the upper limb, using a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind design.

Raising concerns about the poor quality of care is a difficult and courageous step for any nurse or midwife to take and is very important in driving improvements in the one patient care. The lessons of Margaret Haywood case is that nurses and midwives clearer information about how to raise and appropriate issues issues in a way obligations the patient and in a way that does not bring them into conflict with their code of conduct must. We are developing guidance with patient groups, Royal College of Nursing, the Royal College of Midwives, Unite / CPHVA and organizations such as Public Concern at Work, such as nurses and midwives should raise adequate and escalate concerns , this is the summer published in 2010. Published in 2010.


Shareholder supporting. Shareholders into Biovitrum are, including the Investor AB the capital and voting rights the capital and votes at Biovitrum in aggregate SO – support for the transaction and the industrial logic in combining. The major shareholders into Biovitrum Announce, Investor AB and MPM Capital proposes Dr Bo Jesper Hansen, CEO of Swedish Orphan, as Executive Vice Chairman of new SO – Bi set. After the transaction, he is hold 3 % of the shares of SO – Bi. Martin Nicklasson, current CEO of Biovitrum AB will been CEO of SO – Bi. – ‘The two companies like a hand in a glove match of the merger with Swedish Orphan, Biovitrum be set yet another important step of transformation in policy, adopted two years at a giant step, by with an enterprise one. Leadership position in rare diseases and a solid platform for future growth and profitability, ‘says Biovitrum Announce remarked CEO Martin Nicklasson. Pipeline will ‘Swedish rare diseases Orphan has focused a tremendous development from a company mainly for the Nordic region of a wide pan – European enterprises with both proprietary and products licensed subject Combined with Biovitrum Announce portfolio of products and late-stage pipeline, we can be continue to use Swedish Orphan powerful platform. Value adding value-creating ways while still both companies engagement for patients with rare diseases and patients with unmet medical needs. This is really free and profitable combination, ‘says Swedish About orphan CEO Bo Jesper Hansen.