In earlier studies , researchers showed that PN may occur after bariatric surgery and three kinds: mononeuropathy, sensory predominant polyneuropathy and radiculoplexus neuropathy. Malnutrition was the main risk factor for sensory predominant polyneuropathy, but not the other subtypes tadalafil . Deficiencies can to BS by patients who do not experience any multivitamins, more weight loss than expected, and postoperative complications occur. For bariatric surgeryauthors conducted a retrospective cohort study of all patients with BS in a selected hospital from 1985 to 2002, with follow-up. Potential risk factors were analyzed by life table methods. Of 393 eligible patients with BS, 26 developed PN. The authors observed the same three patterns of PN were found previously, most were mononeuropathies (21 patients Univariate life table analysis revealed the following risk factors: elevated serum glycosylated hemoglobin and triglycerides, prolonged length of hospital stay, postoperative gastrointestinal symptoms including nausea and vomiting. PN occurred less frequently and in particular the predominant subtype sensory polyneuropathy occurred less frequently than in previous cohort.

As researchers described, there are James B. Neurologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, ‘at Mayo Clinic, we ensure that patients to undergo, for bariatric surgery and nutritional advice ensure a psychiatric assessment prior to surgery to their nutrition is addressed. More than 5000 members nutrition clinics 6 months before surgery, and multivitamins are taken from all patients should undergo this procedure. ‘Fellow researcher Pariwat Thaisetthawatkul added:’This is a message of prevention, this study really underscores this. Patients should be PN PN is danger of BS, and try their care, where there is a multidisciplinary approach to their treatment. Surgeons , this should be also nutritionists and endocrinologists on staff, and they involved with patient care. Through a systematic, multidisciplinary approach of intensive preoperative and postoperative nutritional management and frequent follow-up of patient BS, of development of this type of largely prevented. ‘.

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