Cocoa might help prevent onset of colon carcinogenesis A new study on living animals shows for the first time that eating cocoa can help prevent intestinal complaints associated with oxidative tension, including colon carcinogenesis onset caused by chemical substances. The growing interest between the scientific community to recognize those foods with the capacity of preventing diseases has categorized cocoa as a ‘superfood’. It has been recognised as an excellent source of phytochemical compounds, that offer potential health benefits.Seminars through the entire full day consist of Immunomodulatory Therapies for Glioblastoma, New Delivery Novel and Modalities Applications and Treatment for Malignant Glioma. ‘With a large number of families suffering from this devastating disease every year, our company continues the drive for research and consciousness for a cure,’ stated Mario Lichtenstein, Founder of Voices Against Mind Cancer. ‘By combining such amazing innovators from the medical field through the Biotech Summit, we’re able to find out more about the advancements and study being made every day, to ultimately look for a cure for human brain tumors and brain tumor.’ Voices Against Brain Malignancy, leaders in the mind cancer tumor community, was founded in loving memory space of Gary Lichtenstein, who lost his valiant struggle with brain cancers on October 1, 2003.