It provides an overview of instead of test works and describes the technical strengths and – just as importantly – the limits of drug testing. The seminar also covers the practical aspects of the organizing tests and their use in court. ‘Hair testing is a matter of course in child care proceedings in England and Wales, where substance abuse is using a subject seems Awareness and acceptance comparatively limited in Scotland, but are sources of objective evidence in cases important where the child’s welfare is the most important criterion the seminar is the seminar is to show how hair testing could play a significant role in the Scottish courts, ‘Alison Leivesley, partner at TV Edwards Solicitors LLP.

It will be held on Tuesday, November, 00 to 16.30 clock at the Trades Hall, Glasgow, the event is the latest in a number of non-commercial CPD seminars TrichoTech one Concateno group company and Europe’s largest hair testing lab instead, and TV Edwards LLP Solicitors. Hair analysis can deliver test results diagnostic detection of long-term extent of drug and alcohol abuse -. The practice is increasingly used in children’s residence and child protection cases where there is a suspicion of parental drug use.The U.S. Population Examines Access, Cost Issues For Atorvastatin After Zocor start.

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