There are some frameworks to assess decision producing capacity around sex, state the authors, but they are unsuitable. A person may perform badly on a mini mental state test , but is often still able to express a choice for a friend or lover. The authors acknowledge that it is important to guard the vulnerable from harm and to ensure that sexual behaviour isn’t harmful, illegal or abusive, but that should not prevent people with dementia from making their personal decisions about sex, they argue. They may be exposed to emotional distress if a relationship ends indeed, they write. It is also, we would argue, a violation of the fundamental right of a person with dementia to become recognised as a person before the law.. Care home occupants denied right to consensual sex because of fears over safety and ageism Concerns about safety, and ageism, are needlessly denying elderly care house residents what’s often among their couple of remaining pleasures – the proper to consensual sex – mention professionals in the Journal of Medical Ethics.Nevertheless the Child Protection Services have already been criticized for various reasons lately. This week the Tasmanian coroner reported the results into the loss of life of autistic teenager Jackson Kelty, who drowned together with his carer while in condition treatment in 2008. Coroner Glenn Hay stated on Wednesday the Section of Health insurance and Human Services didn’t at that time have sufficient systems in place to control risks to kids in care also to ensure sufficient support for carers. Opposition human solutions spokeswoman Jacquie Petrusma stated the report showed failing by the STATE to provide important changes in kid protection.