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Medical-scientific causes an increase of the Multiple Sclerosis Among Women Onlysex becomes a dominant factor in Multiple Sclerosis has in the last decades. Even at a ratio of 3.2 to 1 MS changes gradually to a disease mainly in women. Since genetic factors of this of this increase in gender, the scientific attention to environmental factors that may increase the risk of MS in women only. Most likely, environmental factors include smoking, viral infections, vitamin D deficiency, changes in hygiene and dietary factors. – Nearly 400 MS researchers and clinicians to share collected from all over the for a during a medical-scientific conference on Multiple Sclerosis and Gender the independent European the independent European Charcot Foundation, and to discuss their views on scientific the reasons for this great shift in sex ratio. 100,000 people OR Over time , the increased attention to gender issues undoubtedly lead to better results and questions about individual MS treatment, both for women and men Hommes, said the Chairman of the European Charcot Foundation. This conference has the simple question of whether women with MS should be treated differently than men increased. .

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