MIQS, Boulder, is the leading provider of medical record and financial software for dialysis. Founded in 1990, the company has developed and markets a range of software products for the treatment of kidney and other chronic diseases employed.

Methods. The MIQS EHR was in three Rogosin Institute dialysis centers in 1998 2000 December 2000 December 2006, the by by maintenance hemodialysis for a total of 3924 treatment years ago. A retrospective analysis was embedded using query tools in the software. Data were compared together with patient information from the U.S. Renal Data System dialysis patients. 1790 patients had underlying primary disease and multiple comorbidities. Many organ systems from year to year mortality, hospital admissions and staffing were analyzed. 35 percent lesssults.‘What we see now looking at is the possibility that the enzyme, where over-expressed or via – active can interfere with standard p53 tumor suppresser function Krebs cancer. To self-destruct this is the case, then we can develop new drugs for inhibiting the enzyme that converts p53 the action liberation, has to oppress of suppressing Crab was. Of abnormal amount levels the newly identified enzymes can also be useful a diagnostic marker on cancer. ‘.

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