– It can be useful to limit how much your kids are exposed to media stories about swine flu. – If a family member does not become infected, take some a a plan for dealing with a sick family member, and evaluate it with your children. – focusing on maintaining children’s routines and schedules support children adaptive management. For example, adherence to routines such as meals, extracurricular activities, regular homework activities and before bedtime rituals can be helpful.

– Strengthening government recommended health practices the likelihood the likelihood of public swine flu. – Where children appear scared and seek safety, providing comfort, can help alleviate stress.Support for children copingSome simple steps for parents are: – Being aware of the the presence of children when it comes to the swine flu with other adults. It is a good idea, have children to overhear adults conversations about worry things join if they their own at their own age or stage of development. Be aware also of your own levels of anxiety about the children. Children often have their opinion on how they feel and behave around from the people around them.Students made up of four residences at the Ann Arbor campuses voluntarily the study, which see to effectiveness and operability of hand washed and wearing face masks, take part to stop to the spread of influenza via two flu season. To two-year study started last year and funded by a $ 1,000 grant from the U.S. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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