Currently, it is a mystery who is at increased risk for preeclampsia, because the disease does not show symptoms until late in pregnancy. What experts know is that it’s a shallow invasion, or weak connection between the placenta and the mother’s uterus. Which is also seen in the BPH / 5 mice eclampsia, investigated the BPH / 5 mice with the hope of understanding the disease in early pregnancy and a gene therapy technique that promotes a growth factor and improves blood circulation to test between mother and fetus.

To test their therapy, Dr. Davisson and Dr. Gelber have a kind of mouse, the BPH / 5 mouse that features similar to those identifies called shows seen in humans with preeclampsia.Wisneski KI, Anderson north, Schalk E, Smyth M, Moran Germany, Leuthardt EU. This unique cortical physiology with ipsilateral side hand movement and neuro effects connected. Online 16th Published in Oct. 2008. Source: Michael C. Purdy Washington University in St.