C may also lead to this disease that may be caused because of Epstein-Barr cancer too. HIV may lead to weakened immune system that in turn may bring about this disease. Apoptosis, i.e. Survival of the old undesirable cells in the body may also result in cancer. Treatment – Various kinds of common treatments including CT Scans, X-Rays and ultra sound PET or scans scans are accomplished to assess the exact culprits behind the disease. Suitable medications are suggested. But every one of them do not result in permanent relief.The study also shows that the incidence of childhood weight problems is increasing more slowly in the U.S. Than in most of the other countries. Between now and 2014, the proportion of over weight or obese children in the U.S. Is usually projected to grow at an annual rate around 1.3 %. That’s lower than every nation studied except Germany and Spain. In England, where 35 % of kids are fat, the incidence of childhood obesity is projected to go up at an annual rate of 2.1 %. ‘We are spending even more on sweets and junk food – twice as much as in the U.S.,’ Joe Dixon, a London-based research analyst with Datamonitor, informed CBS News. ‘The amount of growth of weight problems is dual what it really is in the U.S.’ And various other countries are receiving fatter faster even, the study shows.