‘Jade Goody ‘s tragic death has happily marked the need for women to be more aware, but it is important that they are the right facts given,’said Annwen Jones, chief executive of Target ovarian Cancer ‘Unfortunately, not cervical smears. Exclude ovarian cancer, which is more widespread and kills more women than cervical cancer, for instance, women have to be on our guard. ‘.

‘. No proven screening test for ovarian cancer, and that makes it all the more important to be aware of women, the symptoms of ovarian cancer, especially if they had a family history of breast or ovarian cancer or have already had breast cancer are women.However, much more needs be taken in the field the mental health. Any patient is different and it being no medicine or treatment that suits everything, therefore, the need for further top research & D in order non only to new drugs, but to create custom treatment of on patients in the future.