Like most peopleest scientific society. -er the 2001 World Trade Center film to window within 1 km from Ground Zero 6 weeks after 9/11 film on windows 1 km from Ground Zero had levels of the PCBs and other pollutants increased high PCBs, flame retardants and other organic pollutants, say Canadian researchers. Concentrations of chemicals were up to 10 times higher than normal background levels and possibly New York 100 times higher than surrounding rural areas unpleasant side effects .

This related to a continuum should be considered, continues Diamond the urban areas contain the largest mass of this. Chemicals. They are storehouses, in fact, and we fools fools warehouses warehouses permanently. While these attacks were a disaster, are building fires very often in cities, releasing chemicals to the urban atmosphere on a daily basis. More Research needs to be done to check how they affect fire exposure to dangerous pollutants, according to Diamond.

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