Currently, malaria tends in Africa south of the Sahara on the basis of symptoms alone diagnosed. However, such symptoms are not very accurate and overuse antimalarials such as artemisinin combination therapy in persons with fever is actually disease disease increased resistance to increased resistance to the drug in an increased cost and delay treatment for that condition. However , there are tests for malaria can now situations in which quickly, even in situations in which a well-equipped laboratory is not available. One of them, Paracheck, Bj? in this study by Anders Bj? Rkman and colleagues.

Currently,ials. Diagnostic tests can improve performance in practice?A new study, which evaluates the primary health care units carried out in Zanzibar and published in this week’s issue of PLoS Medicine, the impact of rapid malaria tests on prescribing practice and clinical outcomes. The results suggest that routine use of such tests, the number of people, reduce the inappropriate given antimalarials.According to a statement Treximet marketed by Pozen exclusive U.S. License holders, Glaxo Smith Kline . The Federal Court of Appeals upheld the lower court decision. U.S. Patents Nr.499 six thousand four hundred fifty-eight and valid, enforceable and violation been kept carried Par Pharmaceutical, Alphapharm Pty. Ltd. And Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories The third patent, U.S. Patent No. Valid, enforceable wording to Treximet had valid, enforceable and infringed by Par and DRL. The 183 patent was filed not claims compared Alphapharm.