Monroe County, Sues Drug Companies for inflating average wholesale price, do not pay Enough discountsMonroe County, on Friday say a lawsuit against 77 pharmaceutical companies that they fraudulently inflated the average wholesale price of prescription drugs for the past 10 years, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported. Filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Rochester, also claims that pharmaceutical companies pay sufficient rebates to the county, as required under federal law has failed. The lawsuit does not specify how much the increased prices cost the district, according to the Democrat and Chronicle. If the county wins the case, a judge would determine the damages. Larry dust, a spokesman for the county, said the county Medicaid prescription drug expenditures increased to $ 27,000 in 2003 from $ 6,000 in 1995.

However, antidepressants prohibited – suicide threatAll the major antidepressants other than Prozac, known as SSRIs, are set for children under 18 will be prohibited by the government today, because of concerns that the drugs young patients to commit suicide. Cause.‘Vioxx interact on the molecular level in a way that patient and other NSAID not, ‘said the coordinating investigator R. Preston Mason, ‘lipids are are important molecular building blocks into cells of the artery. Abnormally changes in the pattern and form of from lipids caused by Vioxx especially into LDL, may explain why both they are are more susceptible to oxidative damage and therefore, to contribute cardiovascular damage to. Similar.

The Pharmaceuctical Group of the European EU the Federation communion pharmacists calls chemist be grant accessing to electronic medical records published today in a statement E Health.