More specifically, CSHL was the sixth most cited research institution during the period of five years, with nearly 11,000 total citations. Among peers, CSHL scientists ranked third, by allowing them to make in an influential position for future studies in molecular biology and genetics research.

Though further research is needed, these results suggest that CD34 cell therapy to provide an effective treatment for critical limb ischemia. .. The phase II had a double-blind placebo – controlled study with 28 patients randomized at 18 U.S. Sites. Patients in this study were Rutherford class 4 and 5, that is, they were in the later stages of peripheral arterial disease and increased risk for amputation. Patients in the randomized group had CD34 injected at eight locations in the ischemic limb and have been for 12 months. Stem cell therapy was associated with a significant reduction in amputation rate, said Losordo.A single vaccination presented to results found for an enhanced vaccine against anthrax.

The new research shows to single doses of of anthrax antigenic, if was formulated into DepoVax is to capable of antibody levels, to 10 – times higher than in average of comparable alum-adjuvanted anthrax vaccine be raise. Improved vaccine of antibody titers were in separate studies ImmunoVaccine and DRDC established performed in two animal models. A single vaccination with the anthrax antigen formulated in in DepoVax better two doses of the control vaccine. 12 and 18 months antibody levels were within 4 weeks of following a single dose by anthrax antigen induced at DepoVax.