Nanotechnology works at the molecular level. There are technical materials on such a small scale that the results can only be seen with electron and atomic force microscopes here . Nano – engineers use natural forces – positive and negative electrical charges, attraction and repulsion, surface texture – to have materials itself assemble. ‘You would be surprised how we mimic what nature does,’said Alexis. There is a wave of innovations in many fields – biology, medicine, materials science, computers, manufacturing.

first-pass metabolism, the liver breaks down a drug during its first trip circulating through the body. The result is doctors must use greater amounts of oral medicines the therapeutic effect the therapeutic effect of negative reactions from the higher doses or the inconvenience extended treatment, many patients stop taking their medications.

The study identified 1.3 million genetic variations that were previously non observed, which shows that in southern Africans are of genetically significantly on Europeans, Asians and West Africans. Moreover, been shown to and within the hunter-gatherer tribes, more genetic differences between them individuals than between Caucasian and Asian People consisting. As the genomes of sequenced in the first sequences of people from southern Africa to constitute the data for the church to be understand how rare genetic variations southern African help and other global populace, help to disease and possible treatments. Whole sequencing the human genome being uniquely its usefulness the mysteries of human diversity of, said Richard Gibbs, director of the Human Genome Sequencing Center at Baylor College of Medicine and an author of Nature paper. At present and efficiency of current technologies allowing scientists collect data might give us a broad understanding of individual and rare genetic variations that impact the human physiology and development of diseases. .