Scientists have long known that potassium channels are essential to the normal functioning of brain cells. Neurons to stimuli, how to react to noise from the environment or chemical messengers from different parts of the body, by conducting weak electric currents across their membranes. This is due to an unequal distribution of charged ions or atoms is possible, on each side of the membrane of the nerve cell. Voltage-dependent potassium channels regulate the transfer of potassium ions across the membranes in response to changes in the electrical signal..

– Our work has shown that this channel in millions of in millions of different functional states, so that the ability of the cell, study how dial or down depending on what is going on in the external environment, said Trimmer. It’s an elegant feedback system, he added.. ###Source: Alex Shneider Cure Lab,wayin Cell Regulator Is Volume Control, Not On / off Switch, UC Davis Study FindsUC Davis researchers have discovered that proteins that brain activity cell by controlling the flow of potassium ions regulate more volume control on stereo systems behave rather than on / off switch. The research, the the the August issue of the journal Science appears, offering a new model for the behavior of critical gatekeeper proteins found in neuronal membranes. – We have shown that regulate brain cell activity in an incremental way, with thousands of different possible levels of activity, said James Trimmer, senior author of the paper and a professor of medical pharmacology and toxicology at the UC Davis School of Medicine.Food and Drug Administration on the evolution of cenderitide as an extended subcutaneous therapy for a post – an acute indication. Luxor nile seeks a FDA Fast Track located Approval name of this post-acute indications. Before the end of the second quarter of 2011 plan a new Nile Investigational New Drug request of and make to initiate a Phase I pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic clinical studies. PK / PD trial intends to propose a Stage II double-blind , placebo-controlled, dose – extensive clinical trial to post-acute HF patients beginning of the first half of 2012.. Believes Therapeutics is Announces Plans a Post – Acute Indication follow In Heart Failure.

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