It is this portion of the pancreas, the islands in type in type 1 diabetes. To some of surgical complications inherent to avoid a whole pancreas transplant, researchers isolating these islands and only transplantation of islets, rather than a whole pancreas transplant. The hope is that this will reduce some of the surgical complications with pancreas transplant.. Next: What is the role of bariatric surgery is the treatment of diabetes?Return: What is the role of pancreas transplantation in the treatment of diabetes?Q: What is the role of islet cell transplantation in the treatment of diabetes?Answer: islet cells are the part of the pancreas in fact in fact the.

Furthermore, the immunosuppressive drugs , which are necessary in order to prevent the islands are of a rejection, the same, which are necessary to prevent a whole pancreas of rejected.. Rejected.the role of the transplantation of islet cells in the treatment of diabetes?Islet transplantation is currently still an experimental field. While the results are excellent in certain centers throughout long-term long-term function of the islands is much less than that seen with the whole pancreas transplantation.An element essential for the growth of blood vessels is copper, an essential nutrient that plays a important role in many life processes. Connections that to reduce to copper from the body without interrupting the body’s normal functions inhibit the growth of blood vessels some of these compounds is in clinical studies for use in cancer therapy. Explained , the biological basis for this sensitivity the angiogenesis for of copper did was an enigma.

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