Nevertheless, if the medical diagnosis is uncertain, the disease is more serious, or other symptoms are present, the doctor may perform certain blood tests and even do a biopsy of the ulcer. The doctor, nevertheless, must consider the possibility of herpes or fungal infections, trauma, or sores that will not heal that could transmission cancer. Canker sores might be seen in people who have HIV infection, with inflammatory and additional bowel diseases, and with certain medical conditions.Among ladies with benign breast disease, a non-significant positive association with breast cancer risk was observed for those in the highest quintile of caffeine usage and a substantial association was noticed for those in the highest group of coffee intake . Eating caffeine was also associated with a 68 % increased risk of estrogen progesterone and receptor-negative receptor-negative breast tumor, or tumors to which the hormones progesterone and estrogen usually do not bind, and a 79 % increased risk for breast tumors bigger than 2 centimeters. ‘The mechanisms by which caffeine may affect breasts carcinogenesis [cancer development] are complicated and remain unclear,’ the authors compose. ‘In the present investigation, caffeine usage was associated with increased risk of breast cancers harmful for both estrogen receptors and progesterone receptors or bigger than 2 centimeters, that have much less favorable prognoses.