Initiative co-chairs of the four MEP groups strongly supports the initiative of the trio presidencies of the European Union, diseasesey called to make all European leaders and the United Nations High-Level Meeting of the General Assembly in September 2011 to attend on the prevention and control of non – communicable diseases.

It is only by working in partnership that we will be able to effective Europe-wide measures to prevent those conditions that should lead so much suffering thus death each year. Prevention is undoubtedly cheaper than disease management and treatment and so it makes economic sense, these policy now need to track at a time when many national governments to curb their spending. ‘.. High tobacco and alcohol taxes, smoke-free environment, good nutrition labeling hit the consumer healthy ,, to the needs of pedestrians and cyclists over those of motorists help prioritize in urban areas are just some of the few measures that politicians should put in place.###Notes:The team, including Dr. Liam Keegan the MRC Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh. Publish the product the article writers and / or her institutions. All Reviews term in this are the personal opinion of the author and do not necessarily represent the views or policies which PLoS Open. PLoS expressly disclaims any and excludes all warranties and liability arising from the info of liberation and articles and Used that use of this information.

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