People have always thought of drugs that hemoglobin synthesis go just enough iron in the cell for heme production only the addition only the addition of the globin protein in hemoglobin necessary, said Zon. Now we have a fourth component, iron-sulfur clusters, which are required for heme production added. This is a very interesting and unexpected find what we had known, and our experiments have really defined a new pathway for hemoglobin production, he said.

In the search for the possible treatments for anemia are Zon and his colleagues are studying the genetic machinery of hemoglobin production in zebrafish for targets of drugs which could restore normal levels of iron-sulfur clusters. ‘The path we have found is very sensitive, so that complement our findings, to enable treatments for other forms of anemia,’said Zon.‘to is is not a panacea ‘ – but they – particularly when they accidental to encourage risky behavior could to distribute HIV ‘ transferring transmission in ways that the treatment of never know stop – or Image courtesy of They can use the whole Kaiser Daily Health Policy is Reports show, search the archives, ‘the leading article concludes . ‘sign up for email notification for Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report strongly supports imperial network.

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