Of breast cancer. Low toxicity. Of cancer cellsresearchers have found a compound that tumor cells tumor cell kills by destroying their metabolic power plants. The researchers believe that the compound with the codename F16 , could serve as a model for targeted chemotherapy with low toxicity.

Leather and his colleagues are now exploring the metabolic and genetic basis for the difference. The membrane potential between normal cells and tumor cells, they also begin studies in order to understand the effectiveness of the F16 and related compounds on tumors. ‘We believe that this study also shows how basic research on fundamental questions about the mechanism of response to cancer, at the same time, offer a very interesting and practical lines such as these, which may turn out to be of value in the future ‘said leather.111-122.. Rajasekaran and real time a real-time control system for patients. The system consists of vital functions sensor, electronic patient records and Portal Web technology, which appear on medical staff calls with life-threatening events. Their system bypasses some of the questions Monitoring technologies monitoring technology, such bulky equipment and unpleasant wire between sensors and processing unit, a lack of integration of various sensors, the non-existent support for of data collection and knowledge discovery that the technology is the technology medical research.