– Over the four-year follow-up, 29 complications in 11 patients in the proximal group and 16 patients have been reported in the distal group. 12 repeat operations were necessary. Four in the proximal group and eight in the distal group Two patients – one in each group. Had two operations for both early and late complications.

The number of patients with high blood by 76 per cent by 76 per cent, decreased by 90 % and diabetes cases of dyslipidaemia – abnormal concentrations of lipids or lipoproteins in the blood – fell by 77 %.Conjunction with technology transfers company PBL, the scientists a spin – out company, Procarta Biosystems Ltd., initiated that the technology. ‘The DNA sequence acts as a decoy to disrupt gene expression and resistance to blocking,’said Dr Michael McArthur on JIC. ‘We use genetic information directly in the drugs These is the first implementation an DNA-based treatment.