Researchers based their gateway drug model epidemiological evidence to the basis of reports of most illegal drug users who indicate they use tobacco or alcohol prior to use of illegal drugs. Over the years, this model has been considerable controversy, mainly over whether causal drugs before exposure to nicotine, alcohol or marijuana drug abuse with later. Until recently scientists have not able to a biological mechanism in comparison with those demonstrate increased susceptibility to drug abuse.

Considerable controversy used as a gateway drug lawAccording to the National Institute of Drug Abuse , part of the National Institutes of Health, scientists have discovered a biological mechanism in a landmark study in mice, the insight into the tobacco might identify products could act as a gateway acting drugs, thereby increasing the risk of abuse cocaine and possibly other drugs. The study, which is Science Translational Medicine, Science Translational Medicine, the first study that nicotine might prime show improve the shows behavioral effects of cocaine..Forward-looking statements Medicaid Services Select HP StorageWorks Data of Quality Assurance Streamline.

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