It is conservatively estimated that four % of women and nine in the United States in the United States diagnosed moderate to severe OSA and not that 80 % of these individuals are and treated. Patients with untreated OSA are at increased risk of traffic accidents, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. – ‘have to present, most patients with OSA overnight sleep test perform in a sleep lab,’says Dr. ‘The result has been unacceptably long patient wait times and reduced access to health care. ‘.

To health, critical care and sleep section at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center, who led the research. One of the largest and most insurmountable barriers to treatment is the need for overnight testing in a sleep laboratory. Our research suggests that this is not absolutely necessary for diagnosis. .The study describes the harmful effects on the society and professional life, and advisable improvements in health policies, including increasing patient information, reduction in air pollution level, more investment in research and awareness campaigns.