Pneumonia causes an estimated 19 percent of the 10 million child deaths annually worldwide.The bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae is responsible for up to half of all cases of severe childhood pneumonia in developing countries. It also causes serious bloodstream infections, meningitis and otitis media .

Professor Cutts commented: The results of this study are very encouraging and give us a clearer picture of pneumococcal disease in Africa In the control group, 65 percent of invasive disease episodes of serotypes contained in the nine – valent vaccine study. In an accompanying commentary, Marilla Lucero and Gail Williams, write that studies on a seven – valent and a nine-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in California and South Africa found or similar results on the impact of the vaccine against pneumonia chest x-ray chest x-ray, however, there is some uncertainty about the comparability of results due to the different methods in reading X-rays used..SM one of less than 20 enzyme participate the assembly line when cholesterol being Designed in the whole body but only one – HMG -CoA reductase – is current targeted by drugs to lower blood cholesterol.