Whenever there are too few regulatory T cells, dendritic cells are able to trigger spontaneous immune cell activation, leading to GVHD. Professor Fazekas de St Groth also discovered the gold standard technology utilized internationally for purifying human being regulatory T cells for individual therapy, and will use this in upcoming trials of regulatory T cell therapy to avoid GVHD in individuals undergoing treatment for blood cancer.. Apellis Pharmaceuticals signs agreement to acquire Potentia Pharmaceuticals Apellis Pharmaceuticals announced today that it all entered into an agreement to acquire Potentia Pharmaceuticals.This sort of ‘electronic diary’ can be very useful as it could possess preventive or therapeutic benefits for the individual. Pharmaceutical companies also advantage as these new instruments may be used successfully in scientific trials of their products. In a special problem of the journal Psychosomatic Medication, Kubiak and his co-editor Arthur A. Rock have brought content articles that discuss the most recent trends in pc technology together, in the development of medical devices, and in data analysis to highlight new techniques and applications in ambulatory monitoring.