Robert at the University of at the University Coloardo, Schools of Pharmacy and Medicne and lead researcher on the study, which was presented the results. The good news is that implementing strong tobacco control policy can protect the protect the most vulnerable from the deadly effects of smoking.. The study suggests that smoking bans have a significant and immediate positive impact on the health of babies and mothers. Preterm infants have a greater likelihood of experiencing cardiovascular problems later in life. – Shows this smoking is smoking is an irrefutable risk factor for expectant mothers acutely affected acutely affected more strongly, Professor Dr.

Citywide Smoking Ban contributes to significant decrease in maternal smoking, preterm birthsNew research released today takes a look at birth outcomes and maternal smoking, building join urgency for more states and cities nationwide have smoke-free trend is accelerating in recent years. According to the new data, strong smoke-free fetal results by significantly reducing the prevalence of maternal smoking to improve.Onto whether some granite counter tops has hazardous quantities of radiation, especially radon gas, the second most common cause for lung cancer only to smoking emitting. PeopleSoft concerned that granite countertop can be help radon in their home country should test the, advised Jim McNees, deputy director by the Office of Radiation Control, Alabama Department of Public Health. Test results will be inform the homeowner or tenant, whether or there is an issue. .. Recent news accounts have raised concerns about the possibility irradiation granite counter tops.

As an public service in the Alabama Cooperative Extension system of radon test kit sell at wholesale prices in the extension offices Alabama to use high radon districts for citizens in order to test their homes. That test kits are also commercially available.