Professor Per – Anders Abrahamsson, Secretary General of the EAU. ‘This unique EAU affiliated partnership Europa Uomo gain access to the latest information on optimal surgical and medical treatment in the field of urology It allows the organization to keep its members up-to – date. ‘ .

The EAU Central Office support for Europa Uomo offer in the form of advice on external relations / public affairs and communications. On the other hand wants to Europa Uomo, organize a patient session at the EAU Congress.

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The SOLiD System will be are using by researchers around the world in the better understand the better understand the genetic nature of diseases like cancer, diabetes, neurological and other diseases. To be throughput, accuracy, speed and flexibility allow researchers. The data which they of generating their experiments , and on the benefit of the sequencing as the potential clinical that helps Currently, the SOLiD System only for research purposes for research use only and is not for application in all diagnostic method. – ‘transforming technologies as Solid, as DNA sequencing a more complete understanding a broader understanding of human health,’said Kip Miller, Chairman of Genetic Systems Division for Life Electronics. A truismfordability and accurate of SOLiD System has is genomewide sequencing. Commonplace tool for scientists, and she has a great potential to is an integral part of the genome-based health decisions are ‘.

A in the journal Science Translational Medicine states that researchers demonstrated the application of the next generation of sequencing to identify chromosomal abnormalities in the solid cancers including breast and colon cancer. Discovery, from authors in the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Centre and Life Technologies shows the potential of individual – of specific biomarkers that are useful to monitor for researcher in their the development of future diagnostic products to to disease progression and of tumor response on the therapy, to identify. develop the personalized Tumour biomarker In Massively Parallel Sequencing In this trial in the 24th February edition the journal will appear.