Publishing in Blood, Professor Gamble and her team found that this process, called differentiation, in part by the enzyme sphingosine kinase-1 controlled. In addition, We found that high level of SK-1 keep the cells EPCs whereas a decrease in the amount of SK-1 allows to differentiate the cell functionally mature endothelial .

###About the Centenary InstituteThe Centenary Institute, an independent medical research institute with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the University of Sydney is connected. Our unique blend of highly qualified staff and state-of – the art equipment and facilities has allowed us leader leader in three critical areas of medical research. Cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases For more information on the Centenary Institute, visit.A recent study by the McLean Hospital / Harvard Medical School and the University of Colorado concludes that genetic research draw the correlation between specific genes, environmental variables and combination impact will be on the development of some psychiatric disorders require additional scrutiny and replicate before accepted as true.